Target for different Virus Ransomware(Including Locky、 CyptoLocker、CryptoDefense、CyptoWall or CTB-Locker etc), our center provides decryption and clearing services! Within a month, we have to help different companies, successfully decrypt more than 20 cases!NEW!!!

RAID recovery rate reached 99% HOT!!

Assembleia Legislativa de Macau, RAID 6(6 Bays), physical error founded on it, ALL failed recover from damage in Macau, but we are able to retrieve the whole database(include minures at the conference)within 1 day NEW!!

SSD recovery rate was commonly very low in HK recovery industry, we are now introduce a NEW SSD analysis equipemnt! Please contact us to get more information

We are the prime leader in data recovery industry, Jakks Pacific Media Co. RAID 5(5HDD out of 3), some recovery company incapable of rescue, we did the work to the best of our ability, recued ALL data witin 4 days

Several S Brand NAS damaged and required our recovery service. Please cautions

98.5% Raid5 recovery rate from 2010

One property agency, software Raid 5(3pcs), one replace a new HDD, two formatted and wrote data again, 80%data retrieve which customer desired for

PopLeungKuk 1984 College-Software Raid 5, two fail + one bad sector, our data recovery rate is 100%

A Design House is on fire which caused by electric leakage, All 8 SCSI dead, but still retieve all data by our technology

Delia Memorial Sch(YW),rebuild + re-install window server before backup, 99% data retrieve by us.

95% RAID 5 retrieve rate in 2007-The BEST performance in Asia Region Hot!!!

Kin Wing Company-RAID 5(HDDx4),2 fails, we retrieve all without data lost advertising agency, 6 HDD server(@2TB), promptly retrieve in 2 days only

Smart Shirt Ltd. -SCSI RAID 5, 4 HDD fail out of 6, all data rescued through our laboratory.

HK Public Libraries-Mr Chiu, SCSI medium error occur, totally 100% data retrieve by us

Mr Yung, all 2 HDD failed in RAID 0, success to retrieve all data.

Ms Wong-Memory stick broke into 2 pieces, all photos restored.

5 months reach 100% successful rate in RAID 5 case- Supreme in Hong Kong data recovery category

SCSI RAID 5 Bank DELL server-after retrieve failed by DELL engineers, we succeed to recover all relative data

St Edward's Catholic Primary Sch-SCSI RAID 5(3 damages),100% retrieve

No Problem!!!Caritas Magdalene Sch. Software RAID 1 + RAID 5 (4 HDD), 2 damages, retrieve all data

Aug-Sept,7 successive cases(RAID 5)-all data retrieve.

Kwei Wan Shan College-RAID 5, system re-built and retrieve all the data.

RAID 5- SCSI HDD,2 Damage out of 3,rescue all of the customer data, online customer enquiry

Kadoorie Farm & Batanic Garden server HDD rescue with 2 days.

Rhenish Church Grace School, NAS recovered .