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Hard disk is a high precise device, and data recovery is a complicated process, require high manpower, instrument and technique input. Any unprofessional treatment may cause data loss permanently; so please think twice before any action!!! First time action is very important on data recovery; If hard disk provide clicking sounds or out of order, please turn off your device and pass to professional, we have a class 100 laboratory to resuce your data. To avoid data loss permanently, please contact us soon!

Hong Kong Data Recovery Centre aims as data rescue service, our customer are most individual for picture, song initially; but nowadays, we serve for enterprise and organization for customer data, e-mail, account information etc, as the result of technique and experience improvement, high RAID or SCSI  successful rate, and our team is supreme in data recovery field also

Customer is our valuable assets, we respect them from individual to enterprise, and data security has often in our high priority, to avoid data loss or disclose to third party, your data operate just in laboratory and by engineers only, Our company are able to provide Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep your data security; beside, customer can interpret their data progress, by our customer service and report.


  • Confidentiality & Privacy Guarantee.
  • Warranty safe data recovery.
  • Class-100 clean room lab
  • No data limits, we recover all of your data at 1 fixed price.
  • No charge for DVD burning of your data (under 20GB data).
  • 2 Levels of Fast Service: Standard, and Emergency.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service available every day of the year.
  • Friendly, Fast, Personal and Helpful Customer Service
  • Progress reports to keep you up to date by phone, email or SMS Messages.
  • Free pickup and delivery for all hard disks
  • Free return delivery for all hard disks

Our Class-100 clean room facility, offers personalized inspection of damaged hard disks, particularly to physically damaged disks which are rendered immune to recovery using software.

Our engineers complete with sterile suits, gloves, and face masks, have already started working out of this clean room whose Class-100 specification ensures that there will be less than 100 particles, of size greater than a 0.5 micron, in a cubic foot of air. The lab is equipped with high-performance air filters and other necessary infrastructure to ensure the safety of hard disk platters which are highly sensitive to dust and other contaminants.



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